Capability Statement

Amplify Coast, a prominent veteran and minority-owned technology consulting enterprise in the United States, showcases over two decades of profound expertise across our core services: cybersecurity, software development, physical security, network infrastructure, and cloud computing. Our team, distinguished by top-tier certifications such as CISSP, CISM, CISA, Azure Solutions Architect Expert, CASP, and AWS Certified Security - Specialty, is adept at enhancing business operations through these specialties. Additionally, we extend our capabilities to include the integration of artificial intelligence systems within various cloud environments, aiming to provide comprehensive solutions that address the multifaceted needs of the digital age. Our focus on creating custom strategies is driven by a commitment to boost operational efficiency, strengthen data security, and secure infrastructure resilience for our clients. Amplify Coast emerges as a strategic ally for organizations seeking to navigate the complexities of technological evolution, ensuring sustainable growth and stringent security in a rapidly changing digital landscape.

Why Choose Amplify Coast

Veteran and Minority-Owned:
Bringing diverse perspectives to
drive innovative solutions.
Customized IT Strategies: Tailored
to improve your business
efficiency and growth potential.
Advanced AI Security: Protecting
your investments in AI across
various cloud environments.
Proven Success: A track record of
propelling businesses forward
with cutting-edge IT services.

Core Competencies

Physical Seurity 

Ensure the safety and integrity of your business premises with our comprehensive physical security solutions. Our expertise in physical security provides robust protection against various threats, offering peace of mind for your organization.

Cyber Security
Our cybersecurity expertise offers robustprotection for your business againstevolving threats, ensuring peace of mind.

Software Development
Our software development expertise drives innovation and redefines success, unlocking growth and potential with each solution

Network Infrastructure
Our expertise in network infrastructure and security ensures your business enjoys
fortified connectivity and protected data flow.

Cloud Computing
Elevating Efficiency, Scalability, and
Security, transforming the digital landscape with seamless

Past Performace

Amplify Coast has partnered with a select group of vendors, delivering high-impact solutions to industries ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Our experience spans critical projects, including classified DOD initiatives, showcasing our capability to handle complex, high-stakes environments